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SPE KUST Student Chapter Inauguration Ceremony and Workshop

posted Dec 20, 2015, 3:45 AM by Hemin Ibrahim   [ updated Dec 20, 2015, 4:06 AM by Hamid Zadeh ]

On Thursday, Dec 17th, 2015, the Department of Petroleum Engineering at KUST, organized an inauguration ceremony and workshop for launching the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) KUST Student Chapter.

The ceremony started officially with the KUST President, Dr. Salah Aziz welcome speech. In his speech, KUST President pointed out the importance of such an event and wished the success of the Chapter to its members. He expressed his support to the faculty members’ initiatives, and showed his appreciation to PTE members and specially Mr. Muhammad Ali for his initiative. He also congratulated the Executive Committee members, selected for this Chapter.

Later on, Dr. Hamid Farangis Zadeh, the Acting Chairman of PTE, welcomed the President, faculty members, administration, and students, and called the day a historic day. Dr. Farangis Zadeh stated that SPE Chapter is a turning point for current petroleum engineering students as well as the ones joining the department in future. He briefly explained the benefits of establishment of a SPE Chapter, and encouraged the students for more contribution and helping their Chapter and the Executive Committee toward a success.

Dr. Hiwa Sidiq, the Academic Advisor of PTE, shared his experiences with respect to membership of SPE and its importance.

In the second part of the ceremony, Mr. Muhammad Ali, the SPE Faculty Advisor, presented detailed information about SPE, its role in Petroleum Engineering education and research, and also opportunities that SPE can offer now and in future. He extensively clarified the benefits of membership of SPE for students, regionally and internationally. He shared the ways to establish a successful Chapter, and how to strengthen a Chapter continuously.

Finally, Dr. Farangis Zadeh introduced the members of the Chapter Executive Committee, and announced the role of member in the Committee. The Executive Committee is consisted of Ms. Khoshy Ahmed as President, Mr. Muhammad Taha as Vice President, Mr. Dyar Namir as Treasurer, and Ms. Soma Zyad as Secretory.

After expressing her appreciations for being selected as the President of the Executive Committee, Ms. Khoshy Ahmed encouraged all the students of Petroleum Engineering to join SPE KUST Student Chapter. She expressed her commitment to lead the KUST Student Chapter’s activities to improve the student’s professional skills. In the end, she thanked the KUST President, Dr. Salah, PTE Head of Department, Dr. Hamid Farangis Zadeh and Faculty Advisor Muhammad Ali for their support to launch SPE KUST Student Chapter.