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University Day 2016

posted May 10, 2016, 1:31 AM by Hamid Zadeh   [ updated May 15, 2016, 4:35 AM ]
This year, like other years, our students participated on the University Day 2016 event. Totally 23 projects in the form of simulations, models, and posters have been presented. At the end the evaluation committee selected two projects, namely "Design of viscometer by Rolling Ball" and "Drilling Rig Prototype", as the co-winners.

1Design of viscometer by Rolling Ball (Co-Winner)Dr. Hiwa SidiqRebaz Sharif
2Core sample Resistivity meterDr. Hiwa SidiqSoma Zyad & Shene Abdulla
3Energy unit converter mobile appDr. Hiwa SidiqShvan Othman
4Laser Fracking PrototypeMr. M AliRebaz Sharif
5Drilling Rig Prototype (Co-Winner)Mr. M AliBalla Rauf & Hogr Saeed
6Career counseling presentation (Companies in
Kurdistan+Jobs for PTE Graduates)
Mr. M AliPola Jameel, Garmian Fadhil & Hogr Saed
7Reserve Estimation of Gas reservoir using
Mr. M AliBalla rauf & Hogr Saeed
8Pressure Build Up Analysis for Gas Well- PosterMr. M AliKhoshi Ahmed & Roza Abu Bakir
9Society of Petroleum Engineering Section Booth for
membership and activities.
Mr. M AliDiyar Nameer, Soma Zyad,
Khoshi Ahmed & Muhammed Taha
10Demonstration of petroleum engineering software’s
available in PTE Department
Mr. M AliSaja Safaa, Eman Kawa & Roza AbuBakir
11Modeling residual gas saturation in carbonate
Dr. Hiwa SidiqShara Jamil, Mahdi Najdat & Didan Qadr
12Seal Integrity evaluation in an example fieldDr. Hiwa SidiqPola Jameel & Miran Shwan
13Hydraulic PumpDr. Hamid F ZadehMuhammad Ibrahim & Kozhir Salar
14Fluid MagicDr. Hamid F ZadehMohammad Arif, Rawa Ribwar,
Sayan Shwan & Midya Abdulqadir
15Shape Memory AllowDr. Hamid F ZadehBanu Sardar, Lezan Bakir
16SubmarineDr. Hamid F ZadehZaneera Osman, Binaee Hamamin
17Heat EngineDr. Diyar AhmedDanaz Jalal Kareem, Rebaz Shwan
18First law of thermodynamicsDr. Diyar AhmedZhalian Amjad
19Rock Evaluation by Well LoggingDr. Fuad QadirShkar Jamal, Muhammad Amer
20Natural gas processing plant with P&IDMr. M AliMuhammad Taha , Kozhan Kawa,
Shkar Kamaran &Sarkash Naeb
21Interviews about project on university dayMr. M AliSonya Bestwn
22Offshore rigs modelMr. M AliTwana Hussain, Brwa Fouad & Hamno Qadir
23LNG Plant ModelMr. M AliKaihan Othman, Bayad amanj & Sarwar Mahmood