Petroleum Engineering Study plan and Flowchart 

1) Graduation Requirement

A minimum of 125 semester credit hours are required to earn the B.S. degree in petroleum engineering as seen in the table below. The faculty provides advice to help students develop an efficient study plan. The student must satisfactorily complete all the course work in the curriculum shown below, satisfy all university graduation requirements and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in the petroleum engineering courses.

The four year plan of studying petroleum engineering can be seen in the Study Plan flowchart of Petroleum Engineering.

2) Internship Program (IP)

The required core courses before beginning IP:
1. Reservoir Rock Properties,
2. Reservoir Fluid Properties,
3. Well Logging & Formation Evaluation, and,
4. Drilling & Completion I OR Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals.

3) PTE Flowcharts

Last update: August 08th 2017